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The statement of Condemn and denounce issued by the Maonah Association for Human R
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Most crimes and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law whic
Tuesday, 24 December 2013
 - Maonah rejects Ben Omar Maonah For Human Rights and Immigiration Association -
Special Maonah Association was shocked , along with all Yemenite people and the whole world watching the ugliest play of a national and international criminal and betrayal nature, carried out by the UN representative to Yemen Jamal Bin Omar last night in The Presidency House. Bin Omar presented himself with his local partners in this ugly play, signing a document that is separatist and destructive of the unity of Yemen, its security and stability, contravene and violate the Constitution and the laws of Yemen window and contrary to all international resolutions on Yemen, which provides all of that is any dialog or outputs as part of the security , stability and unity of Yemen in its current form (integrationist unity) .... But we were surprised that Ben Omar is acting beyond the framework of his mission entrusted to him as a mediator and observer for the implementation of the resolutions of international legitimacy, the obvious and the above-mentioned to impose on the people of Yemen and the new reality of their state shredded to six countries and change the shape and the name of the state and the current unit and disrupt the unity and security of Yemen and other than the explicit to the contents of the resolutions of international legitimacy. This behavior of Mr. Ben Omar has made his presence in Yemen considered a real risk to the peace and security of local, regional and international levels and a flagrant violation of the professional role and mission of the United Nations in Yemen.
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