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The statement of Condemn and denounce issued by the Maonah Association for Human R
Urgent Press Release about the conviction of the crimes of collective punishment - cu
Urgent Press Release regarding the Associations condemn to the crimes of the Syrian
Maonah Association for human rights condemns repeated violations in Yemen
Most crimes and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law whic
Saturday, 28 December 2013
 - The Attorney General appealed to open a transparent investigation of all the crimes .... Maonah condemns and denounces the massacre of the village of Dali-Sanah and the continuing crimes of the U.S. drone "miracle" against Yemenis in Shibam Hadramout, and considers genocide to humans outside the framework of the law

Maonah For Human Rights and Immigiration Association -

Maonah  for Human Rights and Immigration

Special -

“Maonah”  in a press release issued today denounced the massacre that took place yesterday in the province of Dalea , killed tens  and wounded in a funeral in the village of Snah province of Dalea by the Yemeni army forces also picked up this and Sail media , and that after an exchange of fire between armed rebels The Yemeni army forces ... The Association strongly condemns this heinous massacre get it condemns the use of violence and harassment of the security forces and the army by both parties and it holds the responsibility of the government of Yemen loose security situation due to political conflicts over power while economic conditions and security collapsed ... Therefore, the Association calls upon the Attorney General the speed of opening a transparent investigation of this heinous crime and adjust all the criminals involved in this massacre and bring them to justice and accountability for all the advocates of violence and terrorism stirring , , , ,on the one hand.and the other hand, denounced the League continued crimes of genocide committed by and perpetrated U.S. drone against Yemeni citizens almost daily , continuous and most recently the murder and wounding a number of Yemeni citizens in the city of Shibam Hadramout by " Marvel " U.S. drone in the context of their campaign known as "anti-terrorism ", a campaign that the number of victims, hundreds and thousands of wounded and injured in Yemen since its inception , where U.S. aircraft and with the consent of the Government of Yemen to kill those civilians collectively without trial and outside the framework of any law and without being brought before any judicial authorities, which is a genocide and systematic crimes of international terrorism " and the execution outside the context of the law," and thus bear the legal responsibility Governments and moral America and Yemen extent that it is essential to agree that the killing of its citizens in this way the criminal , not to mention the crimes it considers a violation of the sovereignty of Yemen and the violation of international law and the charters of the United Nations. ..

God grants success

Issued in Sanaa

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