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Thursday, 20 June 2019
Mohammed Ali -
The Association Maonah for Human Rights and Migration in New York (consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council) condemns in the strongest terms the statements made by the spokesperson of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the death of Mohamed Morsi Issa al-Ayyat during his trial on charges of espionage with a foreign party.

The Association Maonah emphasizes the importance of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva to be vigilant and accurate in the statements issued by the Office and to refrain from any attempts to politicize natural death.

Maonah also condemns statements seeking to impose unfounded accusations against the Egyptian state and its authorities. The Association affirms that its visits to Egypt on several occasions have proved that the Egyptian authorities are firmly committed to make all efforts to meet their international obligations and respect for international law and international humanitarian law. Maonah reiterates its rejection of any deliberate attempt to undermine Egypt's commitment By international standards and moving to blank conclusions are not based on any evidence.

Maonah expresses its full regret at the transformation of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva into a political commission that follows the statements, lies and tendencies of some States and organizations that are keen to destabilize the Middle East and exploit some ordinary events for purely political purposes and special agendas. At the same time the Commission on Human Rights is silent about the crimes of some countries against democracy and basic human rights, which confirms the existence of duplication and non-neutrality in the standards.

Maonah calls on The United Nations Secretary-General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to make all efforts to ensure that humanitarian organs of the United Nations are not involved in any political agendas that affect the real function of these organs.
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