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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Association Maonah for Human Rights and Immigration .
Special .New York

Association Maonah for Human Rights and Immigration denounced the (recognized) Yemeni governments abandonment of paying the salaries of more than twenty thousand Yemeni students on scholarships to study abroad in various countries of the world. For five consecutive years, during which the vigils and sit-ins have multiplied, and even reached suicides for Yemeni students in more than 38 countries around the world, and despite all this, the government still ignores all these voices and appeals.

The Association said in a press statement issued today: It considers this abandonment as a crime of deliberate and continuous collective punishment against Yemeni students abroad for a long time, and therefore the international community and the United Nations must urgently intervene to end this crime, especially after the Yemeni government has stopped Payment of financial dues to most students on scholarships to study abroad, which led to the deprivation of a number of them from continuing their studies and educational attainment after their expulsion from universities for non-payment of tuition fees, while the rest threatens deprivation and dismissal. They found only the streets and public parks as a refuge, while a number of graduate students who had been stuck in some countries for years did not even find the value of tickets to return home.

According to the complaints of students in most of the countries they are sent to for studies that were monitored by the Association, the salary crisis for Yemeni students on scholarships abroad has resurfaced again, and remarkably in several Yemeni embassies, Yemeni students are protesting, demanding their financial rights and the payment of their dues.

The statement said: After the Yemeni legitimate government has been stripped of its humanity and has been unable to carry out its responsibilities towards citizens at home, it considers fulfilling its obligations towards Yemeni students abroad a luxury and has practiced a policy of deafness and reticence, forcing Yemeni students abroad to appeal to the international community and the United Nations The leaders of the Arab coalition countries in Yemen may find in this appeal an echo to save their lives after they have reached a difficult living situation due to the interruption of their financial dues since the beginning of January 2020 AD until this moment, while the Yemeni government did not pay attention to this suffering and did not include it among its duties and responsibilities.

And the Association, which is in solidarity with the appeal of Yemeni students abroad to the international community to save their lives and pay their salaries through any mechanism it sees, hoping that this appeal will have an impact on the spirit of their humanity towards Yemeni students in various countries of the world, as they appeal to them in the name of humanity to alleviate the difficulties that Yemeni students abroad suffer from. It negatively affected the level of their educational attainment and their living abroad and their families.

The League concluded its statement by submitting this humanitarian issue to the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, after it was proven incapable and the legitimate government of Yemen abandoned its legal and moral responsibility to save the lives of Yemenis abroad and at home because of the corruption lobbys control over it
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