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Wednesday, 03 November 2021
Special -
Important news: The success of a number of Yemeni-American candidates in the municipal elections in Michigan and New York, and the League congratulates the winners and blesses their success and considers it a success in the integration of Arabs into American society.

*Association Maonah for Human Rights and Immigration/ New York

A thousand million justifications for the victory of the Yemeni and Arab community in the US municipal elections tonight, as follows:

1- Dr. Amir Ghaleb was elected mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan state
2- Abdullah Hammoud Saeed (of Lebanese origin) won the position of Mayor of Derbon, Michigan State
3- Amira Al-Moflehi wins the local council for the city of Kauna, Buffalo City, New York
4- Adam Al-Barmaki wins membership in the local council of Hamtramck, Michigan state
5- Khalil Al-Rifai, membership of the local council, the city of Hamtramck, the state of Michigan.
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