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Friday, 17 December 2021
Special -

Association Ma'onah condemns the murders of Yemeni-American merchants in their stores in New York City, and appeals to President Biden to direct the American security authorities to quickly apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice to receive their just punishment.

Association Maonah for Human Rights and Immigration -
Special .

The Association Maonah for Human Rights and Immigration has strongly condemned the murder of more than five American merchants of Yemeni origin during the past month in their shops in New York City and Pennsylvania.
A statement issued by the association said, "These heinous crimes come as a continuation of what appears to have become a phenomenon of targeting and aggression against Yemeni merchants in America, the severity of which increased during this period, the last of which was two days ago, when the young man Fadl Ali Amer Al-Quaiti was killed inside his shop in New York City, and today we are surprised by the death of The young man, where the young Samir Al-Muraisi was killed in the same criminal manner in the state of Pennsylvania .... These crimes also come after the association monitored more than ten incidents of killing, injuries, robbery, fire and multiple attacks against the sons of Yemen, the immigrant merchants throughout the United States during this year, and in light of the neglect It overlooks and the Yemeni government's inability to play its role in following up the cases of its citizens abroad, not to mention the Yemeni embassy in Washington's failure to follow up on the results of the investigation into those crimes against its citizens, whether in America because there is neither an ambassador nor a charge d'affaires at the embassy.

And a press release of the Association this evening said: The Association, as it prays for mercy on the souls of the Yemeni martyrs who fell victims before, and at the same time appeals to His Excellency the US President Biden to intervene quickly and direct the competent US authorities to quickly arrest those who committed these heinous crimes and previous crimes and bring them to the judiciary in order to obtain Their deterrent punishment as a result of what their sinful hands committed against these American citizens of Yemeni origin who were betrayed, and demanded that a transparent investigation be conducted into this phenomenon to find out its circumstances, causes and motives, and inform the public opinion of what the investigations might result in.

With this tragedy, the Association and all its employees extend their sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the martyrs in America and Yemen, and ask God for mercy and forgiveness.
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