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Tuesday, 21 February 2023
Special -
The head of the Association Maonah provides a comprehensive briefing to the United Nations on several international issues and files, including the Yemen file and others.
*New York/Exclusive

Lawyer Mohammed Ali Alaw, head of the Maonah Association for Human Rights, gave today in New York a comprehensive oral and written briefing at the meeting of the Third Committee at the United Nations in New York, based on an invitation addressed to him by the Third Committee of the United Nations in this regard. The briefing included a number of international human rights issues and files and the position of non-governmental organizations governmental ones.
This participation comes within the framework of consultations and meetings that the United Nations holds continuously with non-governmental organizations to listen to their opinion on a number of files that fall on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly, the seventy-seventh session.

During the briefing, the Maonah Association team presented the grave violations of human rights, the Charter of the United Nations and international humanitarian law that it monitored and documented during the previous period, and the parties and countries involved in committing these violations and violations in many regions around the world, including the Yemen file and what the terrorist Houthi militias backed by Iran are doing. The need to review the list of UN sanctions on Yemen and the need to delete the names of some of those who were included in it without any legal justification, headed by Ambassador Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh. Also, in the briefing of Lawyer Allao, the opinion of non-governmental organizations on several files and international human rights issues in a number of countries and peoples, including Iran, Libya, Ukraine, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and others, was discussed.

In this meeting, the Maonah Association team also handed over to the Third Committee an integrated written report that includes a matrix of proposals and treatments on issues of promoting human rights, partnership with non-governmental organizations, and respect for the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law.

It is worth noting that the meeting opened with a comprehensive speech by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Csaba Kőrösi, in which he welcomed non-governmental organizations as strategic partners of the United Nations in all issues on the agenda, and prepared in his speech to take their advisory opinion in the areas of work of the United Nations Considering that these organizations are considered to have diverse experiences and useful opinions and enhance the work of the international organization and with the aim of monitoring the good performance of governments and their commitments and developing the work of the United Nations and its organs in the field of promoting rights and freedoms and leaving no one behind.

*You can watch the video briefing on YouTube at the following link:-
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