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Wednesday, 24 August 2011
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Notice and a general statement of public opinion and to the families of mine victims in particular: after confirming the news of a visit hearth Libyan official to Yemen to demand that the government of Yemen by clicking on the campaign to stop it and after making sure the news that picked up by Libyan diplomats in the capital Sana'a was to create confusion inpublic opinion for the people of the central areas and create divisions among the population, we are in the media site's campaign, the search for justice missing in Yemento the families of victims of mines, the logic of Central announce to the public opinion andto the families of victims of mines, especially that we will not compromise on your demands just will not stop the adoption of your call against the Libyan leader and will notlet you down never and will never succumb to any pressure and the government will not accept any interference that the Yemeni government official, an opponent of the campaign and take the opportunity to confirm that the Libyan leader for this campaignand remain constant until the demands are met.
Fifty thousand victims up to now - two hundred thousand square kilometers planted minesand 96% of the victims are children.
History has taught us and our religion taught us that the injustice must be removed one day
history has taught us too that no one convey and was arrogant and wrong to others, butbroke down one day
Mr. President Muammar Gaddafi
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