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Saturday, 16 July 2011
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Most crimes and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law which occurred in Yemen since the beginning of 2011 and has not been investigated

Mainly involving deliberate attacks on targets and civilian objects, murder crimes and mass extermination and death independently of the judiciary and the crimes of enforced disappearance and arrest the freedoms of citizens, all because of the politicization of religion in political conflict, by leaders of some parties and Allied conventional forces ,mainly led by international terrorist, Abdul Majid Al-zendani[1] ..As follows:
1- The crime of assault on worshippers inside a Alnhedin mosque at the presidential Palace.
2- Assault on tribal mediation and conciliation delegation from tribes of (snhan and Blad AlRus and Bani Bahloul).
3- The massacre of March 18th 2011 “Juma’at Alkarama” and religious incitement on it.
4- Death outside the context of law and crime eradication and independently executed 50 hostages and detainees forced into special prison octaves apart.
5- Ideological clashes between armed militias of Al-Islah Sunni group and the shia’a hothies in AlJouf province.
6- Crimes of the displacement and looting property belonging to the Jewish community of Yemen for religious reasons.
7- Attacks on purely civilian targets “The abuse incident on the youth camp for the offenders of correct path”.
8- Deliberate attacks on the civilian population and civilian objects by the bands of Al Ahmar rebels, killing and targeting civilians and civilian objects and looting and widespread destruction of public and private property by the Al Ahmar gangs.
9- Crimes of deprivation of liberty + hostages + hidden coercive: Yemeni detainees in the prisons of Al Ahmar sons.
10- Using of civilian objects \"places of worship and science\" and within yards of sit-ins and beyond for combat and illegal inflammatory, and sometimes for military purposes or as shields to protect military activities by the joint meeting Parties specifically opposition Reform Party members.
11- Crimes of domestic violence and the targeting of Government and the Yemeni regime by armed rebel militias of Al Ahmar sons and the joint meeting Parties opposition and senior organizational committees for squares of sit-ins of opposition include:
A- Crimes of deprivation of liberty + hostage + forced inside prisons hidden in the squares of sit-ins and prisons of the 1st Armored Division Commander and led by the Division Commander and the organizing committees and joint parties and their allies.
B- Crimes against the Activists of Women Jurists and Yemeni journalists.
C-Assault on journalist Abdul Kareem alkhiwani by beating and poisoned in first Armored Division to jail.
D- Assault on Saba news agency journalists and looting and destruction of its contents and their source of livelihood.
12- Suppression of youth and offenders of opinion and ill-treatment of journalists, human rights defenders in the squares of the sit-ins.
13- The application of collective punishments on the Yemeni people (crimes of the dash and the siege and closure).
14- Crimes of conscripting children for fighting and their use as human shields and involving them in the political conflict.

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